reddit best, BT visits Reddit

BT visits Reddit

Yesterday, BT visited for a quick AMA (Ask Me Anything.

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Some notable answers:
"I think that trance has changed the overall structure and dynamic and linearity of electronic music. Before the records we were making in the early 90s there was no such thing as a breakdown."

"My favorite person to collaborate with ever is Peter Gabriel. He is so deeply inspiration, I learned more being with him and at Real World than being in any other environment."

Avicii Levels Dance Music Arena Tour, AVICII - LE7ELS : Dance Music All Arena Tour

AVICII - LE7ELS : Dance Music All Arena Tourlink opens in new window

AVICII is bringing his contagious sounds to the masses and making the world believe what many already know, AVICII truly is the sound of now. After selling out headlining shows around the world, the Grammy-nominated DJ and producer is set to become the first electronic artist to headline an all arena tour of North America with AVICII - LE7ELS.

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For those dub step fans, don´t miss Skrillex laying it downlink opens in new window.

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