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Darren Emerson Global Underground 036 Bogota, Darren Emerson - Global Underground: 036 - Bogota

Darren Emerson - Global Underground: 036 - Bogota

Posted By: Simon Jones on 16 December

After the recent excursion to Lima with Nick Warren closes out 2008 for Global Underground, the start of 2009 will see Darren Emerson return to the label for his third mix compilation, following on from his previous journies to Uruguay and Singapore. This time GU heads to Bogota, a city with historic roots in on the South American continent and now a bustling metropolis with a constantly club scene, and Emerson´s latest double cd, not only shares these musical values but marks a long overdue return to the brand, when GU36 is released in early February 2009.

You´d be hard pushed to find many long-standing figures in global dance music that are as passionate about what they do and who still do it for those much lauded ´right reasons´ than Darren Emerson. He´s stamped his mark on dance culture for 20 years, thoroughly resists the trappings of celebdom (his partner is a well-known TV personality), and still seeks out those emerging clubbing beacons spread-out across the world with the zeal of a wide-eyed newbie.

´Bogota´ is the 3rd Global Underground mix from Darren, and he´s crowned his hat trick with a metaphorical 25 yard volley, a double cd journey into the modern dancefloor, with a couple of tricks thrown in to remind you that he remains at the pinnacle of his craft. Though he would probably dispel the ´legend´ tag with a characteristically self-deprecating chuckle, the Essex-born DJ and producer, could rightly hold claim to such superlatives. One of the early UK protagonists at the arrival of acid house, he went on to soundtrack British house´s emergence as a worldwide force; before forming a band called Underworld, and changing dance music forever.

Colombia´s Bogota is a city enjoying rapid change. Historically a cultural epicentre of the South American continent, it´s now a growing metropolis with a club scene in rude health. Having made the time-honoured transition from big outdoor events to a wealth of individual clubs, it´s boom time for electronic music. Cue the arrival of Emerson to honour Bogota with a Global Underground album that shares its musical values.

CD One begins with the chiming synths of the Underworld opus, ´Mmm Skyscraper I Love You´, before kickstarting the mix with Anja Schneider & Sebo K´s ´Rancho Relaxo´, and the jacking house of Jagged´s ´Hello Kool Nice´ (Quarion Remix). Other highlights include Darren´s ´Home´, Pete Heller´s ´Sabotage´, and John Selway & Vincenzo Ragone´s ´Dream Stealer´, and the electro-pop funk of Maja´s ´Love Me For Tonight´.

Funk D´Void´s remix of Itamar Sagi´s ´One Million Oaks´ launches CD Two, which Emerson segues neatly into Kerri Chandler´s ´Fortran´ (Argy´s Big Room Detroit mix). His recent single for GU, ´Crash Jack´, is featured here via an exclusive mix from Jamie McHugh. Further standout cuts include Josh Wink´s ´Counter Clock 319´, Matthew Jonsons Marionette (Adam Beyer mix), Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic´s ´Mastermind´, Emerson & McHugh´s ´Impact´, and Joris Voorn´s ´Blank´. Darren closes the album with the full version of Underworld´s ´Mmm Skyscraper I Love You´, which depending on your raving age, is either a treasured memory or lesson in how it was done back then.

Darren Emerson - Global Underground: 036 - Bogota

Label: Global Underground| Release Date: Monday, February 09, 2009
  1. Underworld - Mmm Skyscraper... I Love You
  2. Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Rancho Relaxo
  3. Jagged - Hello Kool Nice (Quarion Mix)
  4. Einzelkind - Out With A Bang
  5. Journey Man DJ - Shelley's
  6. Mooncat Feat Ferank - Hear What Was Said (Skylark Mix)
  7. Stimming & Einmusik - Magdalena
  8. Darren Emerson - Home
  9. Nikitin & Semikashev - Blown
  10. Pete Heller - Sabotage
  11. Kerri Chandler - Pong (Ben Klock Mix)
  12. Nikitin & Semikashev - Reflection Vector
  13. Nick Chacona - Mariacha
  14. John Selway & Vincenzo Ragone - Dream Stealer
  15. Maja - If You Love Me Tonight (Passarani Mix)

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