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Jesse Rose What Do You Do If You Dont, Jesse Rose - What Do You Do If You Don

Jesse Rose - What Do You Do If You Don't?

Posted By: Simon Jones on 12 January

Jesse Rose has been one of the innovators of the house scene in recent times, creating highly regarded material for such labels as JBO, Simple, Get Physical, in addition to his own imprints Front Room and Made To Play. Now after three years in the making, his debut artist album ´What Do You Do If You Dont´ is due to be released in February on Dubsided.

Ever since the birth of music, there´s been someone out there who´s looked at what´s available, taken inspiration from what´s around them and innovated a new style of music. Stand up Jesse Rose. Regarded as one of dance music´s most forward-thinking producers in recent years, Jesse alongside Switch and Claude VonStroke, has been a pivotal figure in the revival of House music being cool once again. For years this fine genre has been misguided, the true underground heroes have continued to make quality, interesting music for sure, but the well known artists have been dated and lazy with their ideas. Switch and VonStroke have been the producers-du-jour of the last few years, 2009 is the time for Jesse Rose.

As one of the UK´s finest exports as a DJ (he lives in Berlin, of course) this is no overnight success PR plan. Jesse started DJing at the tender age of 14, raised on an upbringing of Motown Soul, Jazz and Eighties Funk in London´s Ladbroke Grove area. At the beginning of the nineties Jesse moved to Bristol and started DJing, putting on parties and making music with old friend Jamie Anderson. By the mid nineties Jesse had earned himself an enviable reputation for electrifying sets and was regularly playing at Fabric, which in turn got him bookings across Europe. These days Jesse´s calendar is booked up a year in advance playing only the best venues and parties, since September he´s toured Europe, Japan and Australia and is still the only DJ from the UK to have ever held a monthly residency at the world famous Panorama Bar in Berlin, his own Made To Play night, which continues to be one of the most popular.

2007 seemed without doubt to be Jesse´s year of recognition, featured in every international dance music publication, nominated alongside four others for ´Best British DJ´ at the DJ Mag best of British Awards, number four in IDJ players of the year & fourteen in Mixmag´s best DJ´s in the world 2007. Jesse finished a triumphant year playing in Sydney to 15,000 people on the main stage at Field Day.

Like his DJ status, as a producer, Jesse is a guarantee. World-renowned for his ´Fidget House´ sound which he created with long-time music partners Dave ´Switch´ Taylor and Trevor Loveys, he´s now the guy you turn to when you want a dancefloor remix, lending his services to the likes of Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, Underworld and literally tonnes more. To date Jesse has recorded for the likes of Classic, Get Physical, JBO, Simple and his own Made To Play and Front Room imprints and of course Dubsided, which is the home for ´What Do You Do If You Don´t?´, Jesse´s first solo album, an album which is in it´s third complete version, 3 years in the making and his biggest project to date.

Proven bangers ´Asided´ and ´You´re All Over My Head´ are featured alongside the Moondog inspired ´Night At The Dogs´ and future club hits ´Pop Yer Porn´, ´Wine Gum´ and ´Touch My Horn´ with the latter already generating a huge response on the dancefloor and radio as the B-side to the single. Where Jesse has certainly not forgotten his club roots, he´s also shown his skills as a producer of songs with ´Miss Taker´ featuring rising star David E Sugar and the second collaboration on the album with Hot Chip ´Day Is Done´. "When I first spoke to Hot Chip about doing a collaboration they sent over two demos, one was up-tempo & catchy and the other was this melancholic, deep and beautiful song. I wanted to go with this one because it gives the album a depth that the more up-tempo tracks might miss."

It´s true, it does and it also takes the album to new heights. No other dance producer at 30 has more experience than Jesse and no dance producer full stop has an album like this, not even his mentor Switch, VonStroke or Herve. Jesse has operated in the underground for years, proving his worth and importance. With the release of his album in 2009 he will show how he´s now gone beyond the underground and can stand tall as one of the most exciting names in music today.

Jesse Rose - What Do You Do If You Don't?

Label: Dubsided| Release Date: Monday, February 16, 2009
  1. Forget My Name (Feat Hot Chip)
  2. Well Now
  3. Pop Yer Porn
  4. Miss Taker (Feat David E Sugar)
  5. Wine Gum
  6. Asided
  7. Night At The Dogs
  8. Day Is Done (Feat Hot Chip)
  9. Heavy Still (Feat Afra & The Incredible Beatbox Band)
  10. You're All Over My Head
  11. Touch My Horn
  12. Never Ending

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