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Telefon Tel Aviv Immolate Yourself, Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

Posted By: Simon Jones on 8 December

After two artist albums (2001´s ´Fahrenheit Fair Enough´ and 2004´s ´Map Of What Is Effortless´), New Orleans outfit Telefon Tel Aviv have focused more on their live shows and remixes (as compiled in the aptly titled 2007 release ´Remixes Compiled´), but after returning to the studio are now set to kick off 2009 with their new album ´Immolate Yourself´ on Bpitch Control, featuring such tracks as recent free download ´Helen Of Troy´ and ´You Are The Worst Thing In The World´, with a release date set for late January.

Telefon Tel Aviv are Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper, two US boys based in Chicago, Illinois. Fresh from a US tour supporting Matthew Dear, both are great musicians and lifelong buddies with a sense for musical adventure and the right sound. This, their third album (Immolate Yourself) is the result and the essence of a development in their music, which you can trace through their previous work Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001) and Map of Effortless (2004). Both see it in the same way: The record is still entirely Telefon Tel Aviv, but a cross processed filter saturated, grainy, distorted, dusty and distressed version.

Immolate Yourself unites ten tracks with the aim to give the term electro pop a new definition for 2009. Although each track has its own story to tell, together they paint a bigger picture that encapsulates the Telefon Tel Aviv sound. Arguably the albums standout track Helen and Troy was in fact the last track to be finished and in a way marked the studio climax. As Telefon Tel Aviv state, we knew, after completing this song, that we were in fact finished with the record.

Fusing popular motifs with their own reflections about electronic sounds, Immolate Yourself sees Telefon Tel Aviv make a welcome return to our speakers.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

Label: BPitch Control| Release Date: Monday, January 26, 2009
  1. The Birds
  2. Your Mouth
  3. M
  4. Helen Of Troy
  5. Mostly Translucent
  6. Stay Away From Being Maybe
  7. I Made A Tree On The Wold
  8. Your Every Idol
  9. You Are The Worst Thing In The World
  10. Immolate Yourself

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