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Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen 5 Years Of Great Stuff, Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen - 5 Years Of Great Stuff

Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen - 5 Years Of Great Stuff

Posted By: Simon Jones on 19 December

After launching in 2003, Munich based imprint Great Stuff Recordings now reaches it´s 5th birthday and to coincide with this landmark is set to release a double disc compilation in February 2009, aptly titled ´5 Years Of Great Stuff´.

The first disc sees label mainstays Tomcraft and Lutzenkirchen provide an extensive ´megamix´ of the label´s back catalogue, placing some of the earlier works alongside those from the past year, all mixed, mashed and edited to fit onto one expansive disc, whilst the second cd features brand new exclusive remixes of some of the best tracks from the catalogue.

One of the most powerful labels in dance music and biggest success stories turns 5. Great Stuff looks back with pride on its countless fantastic releases and amazing artist family. It all began back in 2003 in Munich with a few nice tracks by founding member Tomcraft, the British duo Coburn and from Gusgus, the labels very special friends from Iceland. These not only lead towards highly acclaimed album releases by Gregor Tresher, Butch, Coburn, Ramon Tapia and Lutzenkirchen but also to numerous international underground club hits. Some even appealed to a broader audience and climbed up into the single charts.

Great Stuff clearly started as one of THE leading electro-house labels, breaking into unknown territories with genre defi ning releases like Coburn´s ´We Interrupt This Program´, The Egg ´Walking Away´ / Tocadisco Remix and Mason´s ´Exceeder´. Though it was never about only that one sound for GSR. The musical direction has always been clear: Peaktime club tunes from any genre be it house, electro or techno, from minimal to maximal. It was always about the premier league of tasteful club anthems, the future classics with that extra melody or vocal rather than just about pure dj-tools.

Just like the steady change of the club scene with its constantly evolving styles and genres Great Stuff´s sound moves and develops accordingly. Releases by Gregor Tresher, Martin Eyerer, Lutzenkirchen, Namito and Butch are very clear signs that the times of electro house are over. For the A&R Rainer Weichhold spotting new talents goes hand in hand with the steady renewal of the Great Stuff sound. Lutzenkirchen, Butch, Swen Weber, Mason etc. quickly became new global players in the electronic scene and started a great career from zero to none. And the next future hero is about to take off: Ramon Tapia from Belgium.

Every innovation still has its roots in the past, thats why the Great Stuff Roots Edition pays respect to special classics and lost treasures. Great originals by Rockers Hi-Fi, Whirlpool Productions, Nicolette and Pressure Drop have enjoyed new interpretations by different remixers. In the spring of 2009 it will be time for another jewel: Luomos Tessio with new mixes by Stimming and Spektre.

Also compilation wise Great Stuff is trying new concepts and possibilities. Great Carnival Stuff and Great Summergames Stuff (for the Olympic Games 2008) have only been the start of these compilations including exclusively produced tracks only. In late summer 2009 it will be Great Oktoberfest Stuff with the best music you can imagine strictly from Bavaria.

The double cd 5 Years Of Great Stuff gives you the perfect overview and outlook of the divers sound of Great Stuff: CD 1, presented by Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen lets you travel through the back catalogue with their Best Of Great Stuff mix: 35 classics mixed, mashed up and edited, from left to right, from the big classics to the latest tunes. CD2 exclusively consists of brand new versions from the current Great Stuff artists, remixing their respective favourites out of the GSR Catalogue. Plus a very special highlight: the birthday serenade from Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen.

Tomcraft & Lutzenkirchen - 5 Years Of Great Stuff

Label: Great Stuff Recordings| Release Date: Monday, March 02, 2009
  1. Klovn – I Want You (District One Mix)
    Mason Vs Princess Superstar – Perfect Exceeder (Acapella)
  2. Butch – Amelie
  3. Eyerer & Namito – Seefeuer
  4. Namito – City Of Gods
    Eyerer & Chopstick – Electric
  5. Rockers Hi-Fi – Push Push (M.A.N.D.Y. Mix)
  6. Stephan Hinz – Diescinerum
  7. Gregor Tresher – Battery
  8. Rainer Weichhold – Bamboo (Format:B Mix)
  9. Margot Meets The Melody Maker – Torch
  10. Mason – The Ridge (Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens Mix)
  11. Lützenkirchen – Paperboy (D-Nox & Beckers Mix)
  12. Coburn Present Dumb Blonde – We Have The Technology
    Trick & Kubic – Easy (Acapella)
  13. Steve Angello Presents Who’s Who – Sweden
  14. Mike Monday – Zum Zum (Audiojack Mix)
    Coburn Vs Dumb Blonde – Sugar Lips (Acapella)
  15. Tomcraft – When I Was Sixteen
    Hard & Cheap – Too Late (Acapella)
  16. Alex Cappelli – Bloody Notes
  17. Butch – On The Line (Oxia Mix)
  18. Fergie – Ireland
    Nicolette – No Government (Acapella)
  19. Ramon Tapia – Mini Jack
    Mike Monday – Zum Zum (Acapella)
  20. Lützenkirchen – All That Jazz (Popof Remix 01)
  21. Tomcraft – Boogie Nights
  22. Eyerer & Namito – Quipa (Etienne De Crécy Mix)
    The Egg – Wall (Acapella)
  23. Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas – Shingaling
    Coburn – We Interrupt This Program
  24. Coburn – Give Me Love (Lützenkirchen Mix)
  25. The Egg – Walking Away (Tocadisco Mix)
  26. Lützenkirchen – Daily Disco
  27. Micky Monzza & Joseph Disco – Bounce Baby (Lützenkirchen Mixdown)
  28. Gregor Tresher – A Thousand Nights (Dubfire 'Quiet Storm' Mix)

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