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Various Artists Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2008, Various Artists - Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2008

Various Artists - Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2008

Posted By: Simon Jones on 26 November

Audio Therapy continues it´s annual tradition and is set to present the 2008 Edition of it´s Autumn Winter artist sampler series. Past releases have seen contributions from artists such as Nick Muir and this time around the focus is more on the new blood that has so predominantly shone throughout the year, an international cross section of some of the best new talent, with a bonus DJ mix provided by label mainstay Oliver Moldan.

It´s sampler time again folks. Yes, Audio Therapy´s bi-annual feast of electronic house music is back. Autumn/Winter 08 is the sixth installment of the critically acclaimed collections celebrating exclusive new music from around the globe. This time we have representatives from Germany, Brazil, Beirut, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Argentina and Paraguay ... Phew!!! Such widespread nationalities of the production talent involved also maximises the diversity of sounds showcased on the CD ranging from techno to electro and progressive to tech-house.

Along with the usual unmixed full length tracks CD version, the whole kit and kaboodle has been expertly mixed together by one of the labels stalwarts, the irrepressible Oliver Moldan. As resident DJ at the legendary Tribehaus in Germany as well as being a well recognised producer in his own right who has had no less than 5 releases on the label not to mention several remixes, it was an obvious choice for us to ask him to put together the mixed CD version.

So there you have it then, a delightful double CD to suit all your needs and as if you couldn´t want for more there will also be a limited run of 12" Vinyl as well as a full digital release.

Various Artists - Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2008

Label: Audio Therapy| Release Date: Monday, December 01, 2008
  1. Carlos Belatti & Paco Buggin - Lonely Road
  2. George Delkos - Distrobox
  3. D Ferdez & Diego Skills - Off Time
  4. Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler - Diva
  5. Gabe, Vor, D-Nox & Beckers - No Chaos, No Pain
  6. Baudelaire - Skydelique
  7. Oliver Moldan & Norman Zube - Better Day
  8. Jensen Blade Feat Monterey Beach Club - Bomberman
  9. Fady Ferraye - Enuma Elish
  10. Sol & Grimm - Pororoca

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