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Various Artists Somabeta Compilation, Various Artists - Somabeta Compilation

Various Artists - Somabeta Compilation

Posted By: Simon Jones on 9 January

Soma Records are without question one of the most respected long standing labels around today, with an artist base that includes Slam, Silicone Soul and Funk D´Void. Now they are proud to launch a new offshoot imprint entitled Somabeta, dedicated to the music of new and emerging talent from around the world. With 2008 having introduced us to Harvey McKay, the Somabeta Compilation, due for release in the next few weeks features many other of the artists who have now joined the extended Soma family of artists.

In January 2009, Soma will launch an exciting new project, Somabeta, the imprints offshoot tailored for new emerging talent. As part of Somas continuing support of new music Somabeta will provide an avenue for fresh, upcoming producers to have their work released on Scotlands biggest exporter of electronic music, welcoming work from artists around the world. Throughout 2008, Soma welcomed more new acts to the label than ever before. Among these are Mr Copy, Harvey McKay, Jandroide and Lets Go Outside, each of whom appear here as part of the Somabeta series. A number of the names on the compilation are however entirely new to the label and demand some introduction.

The compilation opens with South American production duo Audiofillia, who have two tracks on the album with Eazy and Tu. Argentinas Andy Dabula and Ecuadors current hot property, Daniel Jaramillo, make up the act in a partnership that creates a unique combination of sci-tech atmospheres, sweet latin-flavoured grooves and deep melodic sounds.

After Lets Go Outsides mammoth remix competition earlier in 2008 Jean Ramesse, a young producer, promoter and label owner who works constantly with his devastating Sleaze techno nights and label of the same name, emerged as winner. His remix of LGO is a thunderous rampage on the original, playing with dynamic in the extreme, toying with you until one final, massive jacking session finishes you off.

Gary Beck is a young Glaswegian producer currently whipping up quite a storm on the global house and techno circuit. Alongside his release on Somabeta, Gary has releases on Perc Trax, Variance and Mezzotinto and is soon to be releasing on Edit Select and Minus also. Watch out for Garys production in 2009 as he promises to be one of the next big names in electronic music.

Joe Stawarz was picked up on Somas radar back in 2007 when he won Slams Beatport remix contest. Hailing from Perth, Australia, Joe is a classically trained musician with an incredible passion for house and techno. His work is finely detailed to the last snare, with a well-crafted, deep and crisp tech-house sound that has already been setting floors on fire. Soma received a selection of his tracks shortly after his victory in the remix contest and have been waiting patiently for the best opportunity to release these beasts upon the world. Another one to expect huge things from in 09.

Since his first release on Rush Hour in 2007, Sui Generis productions have found their way into the record bags of techno DJs like Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, Juan Atkins, Laurent Garnier and Funk D´Void. Its these first wave of techno jocks that seem to be particularly attracted to Sui Generis productions. And thats definitely not an insult. With a timeless sound his style lies between techno and house, with big love for the deep.

Artwork on the Somabeta compilation is an innovative new design from Shweta Malhotra in India. This originally came as a runner up in the Soma 2008 Artwork Competition held with Resident Advisor, held to seek out new designers for the 2008 end of year compilation. However when considering artwork for the new Somabeta series it was immediately apparent that the image of the wire baby was perfect and so this has now become the cover of Somabeta002.

Various Artists - Somabeta Compilation

Label: Somabeta| Release Date: Monday, February 02, 2009
  1. Audiofillia - Eazy
  2. Let's Go Outside - You Make Me Struggle (Jean Ramesse Mix)
  3. Jandroide - Duckdive
  4. Gary Beck - Restoration
  5. Joe Stawarz - Taken Out (Remix)
  6. Sui Generis - Bergheim
  7. Mr Copy - Derive
  8. Harvey McKay - Proxima
  9. Audiofillia - Tu
  10. Let's Go Outside - I See You Dancing

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